The Perfect Sleep

In a timeless city, a man with no name returns to the violent, brutal domain of assassins he left ten years before – back when they dubbed him The Mad Monk for his disregard for his own life and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria; a beautiful, luminescent woman; the girl he grew up with; the love of his life; the one thing he has ever wanted; the one thing he can never have.

Released: 2009-01-01
Rating: 0.0
Own rating: Not seen

Anton Pardoe
Roselyn Sanchez
Patrick Bauchau
Peter J. Lucas
Tony Amendola
Sam Thakur
Dominiquie Vandenberg
Cameron Daddo
Michael Paré
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
John Fleck
Dmitri S. Boudrine
Anthony Dilio
Keith Allan
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Jeremy Alter
Anton Pardoe